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Prorogation and the ICT industry – what it means to us

January 20, 2010

Linda Oliver
Vice-President, ITAC

One of ITAC’s goals in 2010 is to monitor Parliament Hill and Queen’s Park on behalf of our members, keeping an eye on the bills and key characters that will affect the way ICT companies operate in the near future. It might seem ironic, then, that we start this when Parliament has been prorogued, essentially halting all progress on the passing of bills through the House of Commons and the Senate until March. 

On March 3, we will see the reopening of Parliament and a Speech from the Throne, meaning Parliament is back in session. Then on March 4, Prime Minister Harper will unveil a new budget. Like Bernard and many others in the ICT industry, I hope that in and around all this we see a clear commitment to a Canadian digital economy action plan. Until then, though, all committees have been dissolved and all bills have died on the order paper – this means the process of having each individual bill passed will start from scratch in March, regardless of how close to passing the bill had come.