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Getting Down to Business: Building Canada 3.0

June 10, 2009

By the end of the second day of the Canada 3.0 conference in Stratford, we were all channeling Buffalo Springfield —”there’s something happening here.” Ian Wilson, the freshly minted executive director of the Stratford Institute for Digital Media and Global Business observed, “This is so much more than just another conference.” 

Conference moderator Ken Coates, Dean of Arts for Waterloo University tapped the emotional chord best by pointing out how at it’s conception, the conference expected to host 300 delegates and then ended up with over 1100 delegates from industry, academe and government — together, calling for a digital strategy for Canada and laying the foundation to get there.

“The important thing about this was who showed up,” Ken said. “We all came together to start something important … now lets get on with it!” (more…)


The Stratford Institute

May 21, 2009

Hello and welcome to what is the very first post to ITAC’s Digital Business Forum blog.

On May 14th, ITAC’s Digital Business Forum hosted Mr. Eugene Roman of Open Text at The Spoke Club to speak about The Stratford Institute.

In his fascinating conversation, Mr. Roman emphasized that the demands and opportunities in the digital realm provide a new model and set of methods for communication.  The internet alone is growing by between three and four petabytes of content every month.  When we go out and buy storage these days, we often think in terms of a terabyte drive and this seems like a lot of storage.  A petabyte is 1,000 terabytes.  Now imagine those drives in racks of four thousand units, with an additional rack every month.  Rich Media and Social Networks come together to build Social Media, truly the next phase of our connected world. (more…)