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We Cannot Afford to Delay the Delivery of E-health Benefits

October 14, 2009

Bernard Courtois
President/CEO, ITAC

Information and communications technology has, in a remarkably short period of time, utterly transformed virtually every dimension of modern life. When we think about the way we conduct business, pay bills, educate and inform ourselves, engage family and friends or spend our leisure hours now compared to as few as ten years ago, the changes are astonishing. And the pivotal point for this change has generally been some advance in technology.

Canadians are early and avid adopters of technology in all its dimensions – from cashless retail transactions to on-line dating. We’re proud of our connectedness and view our capacity to bridge our vast geography with sophisticated networks and devices as a central part in our ongoing task of nation building. This pride is justifiable in virtually ever dimension of modern life with one glaring exception – our adoption of ICT technology in healthcare delivery.



Get Digital! Step 2

July 6, 2009

By now you’ve gotten your company website up and running and you are beginning to convey information about your firm to the world.  You’ve enabled a contact us page and integrated that to your business email system even if just a maildrop.

Conventional thinking is that now you start to flesh out your web page and build more content before doing outreach.  You can certainly do that, but I’d suggest not.  The best way to get notice is by word of mouth or what I call reference stories.  Whatever you do, there’s a customer in there somewhere either in the classic buy/sell sense or as a recipient of a service you offer. (more…)

Getting Down to Business: Building Canada 3.0

June 10, 2009

By the end of the second day of the Canada 3.0 conference in Stratford, we were all channeling Buffalo Springfield —”there’s something happening here.” Ian Wilson, the freshly minted executive director of the Stratford Institute for Digital Media and Global Business observed, “This is so much more than just another conference.” 

Conference moderator Ken Coates, Dean of Arts for Waterloo University tapped the emotional chord best by pointing out how at it’s conception, the conference expected to host 300 delegates and then ended up with over 1100 delegates from industry, academe and government — together, calling for a digital strategy for Canada and laying the foundation to get there.

“The important thing about this was who showed up,” Ken said. “We all came together to start something important … now lets get on with it!” (more…)

Get Digital! Step One

June 1, 2009

Ok, I understand it’s no secret that we at ITAC and particularly in the Digital Business Forum group are both excited and addicted to social media tools.  ITAC has a Twitter feed and we’ve just started this blog running on the incredibly powerful WordPress engine.  But at the core of any digital presence is the website.

Let’s start there.