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PM’s YouTube broadcast a sign of things to come from the Hill?

March 17, 2010

Linda Oliver
Vice-President, ITAC

First it was Minister Flaherty Tweeting the budget on March 4. Then on March 11, Prime Minister Harper streamed his reply to the Speech from the Throne on YouTube. And last night, YouTube broadcasted an interview with the Prime Minister, a moderator fielding questions from Canadian YouTube users.

With the private sector exploring how best to use social media more and more, it’s clear the Canadian government wants in on the fun.

So what sort of implications will this have in regards to how government communicates with the Canadian public?

During a broadcast of CBC’s “The National,” Allan Gregg of the program’s At Issue panel argued that while the use of this technology (YouTube) in this way is new, the strategy is not. The Globe and Mail agreed: “Political leaders have always searched for ways to get their message directly to voters, unfiltered by journalists.”



Inspirational Beginning to ITAC/CWC Speakers Series

March 15, 2010

Lynda Leonard
Senior Vice-President, ITAC

Every time I get the chance to visit the XRCC – Xerox Research Centre Canada the question mark shaped building on the western edge of Mississauga – I take it, and I always come away inspired and wiser. My latest visit was no exception. On March 9 about 130 of us showed up for a breakfast conversation with Dr. Sophie Vandebroek, Fulbright Fellow, Fellow of the IEEE, Xerox Corporation’s Chief Technology Officer, and one of the most influential executives in technology.

Her appearance marked the first in a new series of events co-presented by ITAC and CWC (Canadian Women in Communications) and designed to showcase the careers and achievements of prominent women in the information and communications technology industry. We couldn’t have asked for a more auspicious beginning.