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Diversity: Once more with feeling

July 31, 2009

There are days – and I consider myself fortunate in this –  when I am truly inspired at work. Yesterday was one of them.

A group of diversity champions from several ITAC members met at the request of Jim Muzyka, who represents Xerox Canada on ITAC’s Board of Directors. At our June 22 meeting, Jim set out a bold proposal to address the diversity challenge that faces the ICT industry in Canada. His proposal resonated with a Board that is currently composed of 36 men (no visible minorities) and two women, and he directed to put a diversity action plan together for our Association and our industry. The purpose of yesterday’s meeting was to begin to map that plan out.

I’ve been an advocate for broader engagement of women in tech for at least 20 years. On some levels this activism is rewarding. It’s introduced me to some of the finest people in tech that I know. But looking back I can’t say that a whole lot has changed. The level of participation of women in tech as running at about 25% ten years ago. And that’s pretty much where we are today. (more…)