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Not Your Everyday Industrial Strategy

May 14, 2010

Bernard Courtois
President and CEO, ITAC

The formulation of a digital economy strategy for Canada is a task much larger than the creation of industrial policy. It is nothing less than the creation of foundation for the kind of nation we will build in the 21st century.

Digital tools and content are pervasive. The tremendous growth of texting, for example, illustrates this. Canadians send about 174 million text messages per day. And to give you a sense of how quickly these tools are being deployed in 2002, it took us a year to produce that volume. Not a bad growth curve for a communications innovation that is only about 10 years old. We’ve seen similar sharp adoption curves for other services and forget that it took the telephone and the automobile roughly 50 years to achieve the same market penetration as the Internet and cell phones did in ten.



Govt must team up with private sector to find solutions to aging tech systems and workforce

May 5, 2010

The Auditor General is urging the Federal Government to upgrade its technology infrastructure. In a report issued on April 20, Sheila Frasier used stark language, describing the systems responsible for supporting Old Age Security and Employment Insurance as nearing ‘imminent collapse’. Without concrete steps, critical services, including the government’s ability to perform basic functions like tax collection and paying its own people, could be severely compromised.