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ICT is Green Technology

April 12, 2010

Lynda Leonard
Senior Vice-President, ITAC

The ICT industry faces significant challenges relative to our environmental impact and our contributions to a more sustainable life here on earth.

First is the challenge of getting our own house in order. We have benefited from the acquisition of a relatively benign environmental reputation. We’re not seen as a “smokestack” industry and that has bought us some grace. Let’s hope our halo holds up until we can fully address the reality of our situation… which is that we are a serious emissions contributor (some servers can pump out carbon like an SUV). Fortunately we prize our green reputation and hold our reputation for non-complacency even higher. So there has already been a major effort across the whole industry to shrink this footprint as quickly as we can. Sustainability and energy efficiency feature prominently in the R&D programs and market engagements of virtually all major and many smaller ICT firms.