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We Cannot Afford to Delay the Delivery of E-health Benefits

October 14, 2009

Bernard Courtois
President/CEO, ITAC

Information and communications technology has, in a remarkably short period of time, utterly transformed virtually every dimension of modern life. When we think about the way we conduct business, pay bills, educate and inform ourselves, engage family and friends or spend our leisure hours now compared to as few as ten years ago, the changes are astonishing. And the pivotal point for this change has generally been some advance in technology.

Canadians are early and avid adopters of technology in all its dimensions – from cashless retail transactions to on-line dating. We’re proud of our connectedness and view our capacity to bridge our vast geography with sophisticated networks and devices as a central part in our ongoing task of nation building. This pride is justifiable in virtually ever dimension of modern life with one glaring exception – our adoption of ICT technology in healthcare delivery.